Eight practical ways to increase subscriptions to YouTube channels

Assalamu Alaikum! Dear friends, how are you all? Today I reappeared to discuss one more new topic in front of you. Today I will share how to increase the subscription on the YouTube channel or six practical ways to improve the subscription on the YouTube channel. So, friends, let's not talk too much about our main topic today -



Dear friends, the word income from YouTube is not new to anyone. And one of the ways to earn money from YouTube is to subscribe. Subscribe is the lifeblood of a YouTube channel. And so, a YouTuber always has a question in mind; How to increase subscription to YouTube channel?

So let's see now what are the six ways to increase the subscription to the channel!

Topic Index: -

  1. Create quality and informative content.
  2. Optimize the channel.
  3. Give exciting thumbnails.
  4. In the video, so let people find out.
  5. Organize giveaway content.
  6. Give a compelling title.
  7. Upload videos regularly.
  8. Keep the subject matter of the channel.

1 . Create quality and informative content.

An effective way to increase subscriptions to YouTube channels is to create good content. You must keep this in mind for the growth of your channel. So below, I am giving you some tips to make quality and informative content by following them quickly.

  • Scripts play a vital role in creating video content. To create a beautiful and practical script before making a video.
  • Create content for specific audiences.
  • Add some visuals.
  • Create content in simple language so that everyone can easily understand. Give more examples if necessary because viewers prefer models.
  • Always try to create your unique content because the importance of the original content is different.

2. Optimize the channel.

Make your channel more beautifully optimized and attractive to increase more subscriptions on YouTube. Such as: -

  • Sort the channel's hum page
  • Create beautiful trailers.
  • Make the channel look attractive.
  • * Sort the Hum page of the channel.
  • The hum page of the channel plays a vital role in increasing the number of subscribers to the track.

And so you can decorate your channel's hum page beautifully. Such as: -Add section and playlist, add social media icon or logo etc.

  • * Create beautiful trailers.

You can create beautiful trailers to increase channel subscriptions. Because viewers will know about your channel just by watching your trailer. Such as: -

  • Viewers will find out about your band.
  • Find out when the new video will be uploaded.
  • Find out about the channel's video type.

* Make the look of the channel attractive.

It is essential to optimize and sort channels to increase subscriptions- 

  • Sort about pages using the correct keywords.
  • Add the Call to Action button to the channel description. Such as - Your e-mail number etc. Add a cover photo of the channel.

3. Give exciting thumbnails.

Use friendly and attractive thumbnails when uploading videos to increase subscription to the channel.

Because it is often seen that after uploading a lot of necessary videos in the channel and the visitors do not come to the track, which does not increase the subscription, the reason for this is that your thumbnails cannot attract viewers. Because if the thumbnail is attractive, viewers can watch the video by watching your thumbnail, and if they like it, they can subscribe to the channel. If your thumbnail is not beautiful when your video comes up on YouTube, no one will view or subscribe to your video.

4 . Provide those things, what people want.

The title of your video is "WordPress", but if the first three minutes of your video are about Blogger, viewers will leave without watching the entire video and will no longer subscribe to the channel.

How do you know what the audience wants to see?

Let me explain to you with an example; This is relatively easy for some topics. A topic like "How to make Fuchka?" That's means that viewers want to watch a tutorial video on making Fuchka. Again in some cases, it is not easy. "PC Football Game" What do viewers want to see here Game Review? Or game list? To understand this, search YouTube and see which part of the search result is ranking. Now create something similar to rank your video.

5 . Organize giveaway content.

Giveaway is an effective way to increase subscriptions to YouTube channels. You can quickly bring many subscribers to your YouTube channel through Giveaway. Below I share with you some of the ideas organized by Giveaway Content.

  • Determine the rules and regulations of the competition.
  • Choose good quality prizes for the competition.
  • Do your giveaway content marketing.
  • Use the YouTube Interactive feature.
  • Set a goal for your online competition.

6. Give an exciting title.

An attractive title plays a vital role in increasing the subscription to the YouTube channel. Your video title works SEO, so you need to give the label according to the beautiful type of video. Because if you write a topic in the video title, the viewers click on the video after seeing your title, but if there is no video according to the title, the viewers will leave your video. And they won't even subscribe to your channel. So use attractive tags to match the subject matter of the video.

7. Upload videos regularly.

You must upload videos regularly to increase your subscription to the YouTube channel. However, it is not necessary to upload videos here every day. For example, if you upload two videos each week; But you have to continue. And if you upload videos day after day without uploading regularly, viewers will forget about you. So you should upload at least two to three tapes per week. Because social media uploads videos regularly; However, there is a possibility of getting more and more impressions. If you upload regularly, YouTube will promote your content. And uploading videos regularly increases the attraction of the viewers, and the viewers will subscribe to your channel more and more.

8 . Keep the subject matter of the channel.

Just because people are searching for something doesn't mean you have to make a video about it.

Giving an example will help you to understand, let's say you have a freelancing YouTube channel. Freelancing tutorials are uploaded here, but suddenly you uploaded a video on a topic like Coronavirus shutdown.

It may get you a lot of visitors, but it may not be a smart move at all because it has nothing to do with SEO. And it will cheat the subscribers.

This thing is not suitable for three reasons.

  1. Subscribers subscribe to this channel as per their choice and need. So they don't need any gossip, banning issues in the freelancing tutorial channel. So if they upload videos on other topics, they may get annoyed and unsubscribe from the channel.
  2. And by uploading such videos, subscribers can dislike and make negative comments. And this can cause your channel to lose its ranking.
  3. If you suddenly upload a video outside the subject matter of your channel, the related video list in the sidebar may be jammed.

Last word: -Ways to increase subscriptions on YouTube.

So dear friends, this was our discussion today on how to increase subscriptions on YouTube. Here are six effective ways to increase subscriptions to YouTube channels.

So I hope you all will benefit a lot from reading this post. And hopefully, following the ways mentioned above to increase subscriptions will increase the number of subscribers to your channel. If you like the post, please comment below and let us know your valuable comments. And if you want the position, be sure to share it with more and more friends so that they and their channels can increase subscriptions.

And friends, if you have any questions about the post, you can let me know by commenting below. I will try my best to help you.

And thank you so much for reading such a great post so patiently and attentively. I will appear again in front of you with a new tune. So friends, until today, everyone will be much better, be healthy, be safe, and pray for me.

God bless you.

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