Google Assistant Tips • Most useful Google Assistant commands.

Hello friends, how are you all? I hope you are all doing well. Friends, by the way, there are many features and functions in google assistant. But today, in this post, you will get the top 5 cool google assistant tips and tricks, knowing that you can make your work very easy, so read this post carefully. google assistant hidden features

Google Assistant commands

Read an article in audio.

Friends, suppose you want to read the article on your Smartphone, and you do not feel like reading the article, then you can give this work to your Smartphone. All you have to do is open that page in your Smartphone's web browser or open that article. What you say to read and then to your Smartphone (Hay Google Please Read This Page) and after that your Smartphone will read the article for you. google assistant commands list

Convert Instant Voice by speaking

Suppose you do not understand any language, friends. In that case, you can use your phone as an interceptor through google assistant (Google Assistant Tips and Tricks), which means you can convert anyone language from your phone to another language. That too in real-time and by speaking. And you can choose any language in it. google assistant offline commands

Like if you speak in Hindi and at the same time, your Smartphone automatically converts to the English language and keeps telling it simultaneously. For this, you have to speak so much from your phone (Hay Google Be my English Interpreter) and select the language you want to choose. After this, whatever you say, google assistant will keep on telling it by converting it together. google assistant voice commands

Now play any game for free by speaking.

Friends, you will like this feature, and it is going to be very interesting and entertaining for you. Through this feature, you can also play games with your Smartphone (google assistant settings) or play multi-player games, and you will not need any other person, nor will you need any game software or application. google assistant list of commands

Just for this, you have to speak from your Smartphone (Hay Google Play a Game); after that, many games will come on your screen. From which anyone can choose a game. After which, you can comfortably play any game just by speaking. After which you are never going to be bored, this game will keep you entertained. google assistant language change

Listen to your phone's messages with Google Home Speaker.

Friends, if you have a google home speaker, this trick will be very useful for you because if you have a google home speaker, whenever any new message comes in your Smartphone, you will be able to listen to this SMS from your google home speaker. (google assistant commands) After which, you will not need to open your Smartphone and read SMS. No more, you will need to select the Smartphone. google assistant in Hindi

For this, you have to speak to your Smartphone (Hay Google Broadcast Message); after this, you will be able to hear your new message from your google home speaker. But friends, if you do not have a google home speaker, then this trick will not work. google assistant new features

Read your Smartphone's message in audio.

Friends, suppose a new message has come in your Smartphone, and you want to hear this message in voice, that too without touching the Smartphone without any google home speaker, then you have to speak for it (Hay Google Show Me My Message) after which you will be able to hear the new message in audio from the speaker of your phone. google assistant in Hindi

Friends, these were the five best google assistant tricks, and I hope you liked these tricks. And how did you like all these tricks, do tell us by commenting. Thank you!

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