What is Radiation? What is Radiation therapy? What is the harm caused by radiation?

Friends, we have given birth to many types of devices for our convenience. But its most considerable negative effect has been on our environment, which we call the Radiation effect. For this reason, every day, we lose a lot of birds, which has also affected the human cell horribly. That is why today we have appeared in front of you with new information about which it will be beneficial for you to know.

What is Radiation?

Friends, today in this post, we will talk about radiation. In this, we will know what radiation is. How does it arise, and what is its use in our daily life. So do read this post till the end.

What is Radiation Effect?

Radiation means that radiation comes from a source of energy that travels through space at the speed of light. This energy consists of an electric field and a magnetic field associated with it and has wave-like properties. You can also convert radiation to electromagnetic waves. It is an energy that moves with the help of waves, which we call by many names—Eg:- Radio waves, etc. Many types of elements are found around us, from which many types of rays or energy emerge. The corresponding energy or waves are called radioactive waves or radioactive energy. 

And the light, heat and microwave, and radio waves used for wireless communication are all in the form of radiation. Radiation consists of particles and electromagnetic waves, which are survived by various materials and generate energy. 

The type of radiation discussed below is called Ionizing Radiation. Because it can produce charged particles or ions in a matter - X-ray, Gamma Rays, Alpha Particle, Beta Particle, and Neutron are all examples of Ionizing radiation.

Natural Background Radiation

Radiation emanating from the Sun is a significant source of cosmic Radiation or space-borne Radiation. Flying airlines and skiing at high altitudes are activities that would increase exposure to this cosmic radiation. Many buildings also emit authorized radiation simply because of materials such as clay bricks and cement. This content is radio-righteous in origin. Meaning it produces radiation.

How is radiation generated?

Radiation is energy that travels in waves, electromagnetic radiation, or high-speed rays, particulates. Particulate radiation occurs when a radioactive atom gets fragmented. An unstable atom produces ionizing radiation. Stable atoms are different from stable atoms because unstable atoms have higher energy or rate of mass or both. Radiation can only produce by high voltage devices such as x-ray machines., these atoms give off excess energy or rate mass. They emit.

The second air radiation is also present in nature. It's available in the soil, the air, the water, and in us. We deal with it every day through the food we eat, the water we drink, and the air we breathe. Huh. It is also in the manufacture of those materials and things that we use in general.

How many types of radiation are there - Type of Radiation

Without complicating this topic, if we look at it in a little syntactic way, radiation can be divided into two parts.

1. Ionizing Radiation

It increases the amount of iron in any substance that can damage the DNA in your cell because it is more potent than non-ionizing radiation Because electrons keep increasing or decreasing it. Due to this, it leaves its different effect on our body or nearby things. Some ionizing radiations are so powerful that they are also carcinogenic, it has three types Alpha, Beta, and Photons.

a. Alpha Radiation 

The speed of alpha radiation is only 10% of the speed of light; this is a fragile relationship. It cannot pass even a fragile thing; if a radioactive instrument is emitting alpha and a piece of paper is placed in front of it, then the radiation will not be able to pass even that piece of paper, however, if in any way this rays If it reaches inside our body, it can prove to be fatal for us because it has a positive charge.

b. Beta Radiation 

Beta Radiation can enter inside our body. It can penetrate inside us from 0.2 to 1.3 cm. If it is continuously concentrated on our skin for a long time, it can burn some part of the body. It will not be able to cross any such object more than 1.3 cm, such as - wall, etc. Its speed is 90% of the speed of light, and it has a negative charge.

c. Photons Radiation

There are two types of photons radiation. Gamma Radiation - The speed of gamma rays is equal to the speed of light; it can go across the body, and it causes the most damage to the body; there is no charge in it. And X Radiation - These are less powerful than Gamma Radiation.

What is the effect of Ionizing Radiation on our life? - Effects of Ionizing Radiation on our Lives

Friends, Ionizing Radiation, is harmful when it is lying on the body in large quantities; some of its significant effects are as follows.

  1. It can affect the cells, tissues, organs of our body, and even the whole body. Due to which many parts of the body can stop working forever or can be damaged for a long time.
  2. It can destroy our DNA
  3. The amount of water in the human body is the highest; if this rage affects the digestive level of our body, then it can break our bones.
  4. It can affect the blood cells of our body and can increase the blood count.
  5. There may be other effects. For example:- Burning of skin, hair fall, etc.

2. Non-Ionizing Radiation

It is of low power in radiation. Because the amount of energy released from it is not enough for the growth of Aryan, due to which it mainly does not damage the DNA present in our cells, so it is not a cancer factor. It includes many types of things like - Light, Radar, Microwave, and Radio Waves.

What is the effect of Non-Ionizing Radiation on our life? - Effects of Non-Ionizing Radiation on our Lives

There are some such exceptions in Non-Ionizing Radiation too, which can harm us a lot.

   (a) Laser Light - This laser light is used in cosmetic surgery. It can burn our skin.

   (b) Ultra-Violet Rays - These can cause many types of damage to our body. Cell burn or tonic are the best examples of this. Ultraviolet rays are also harmful to the eyes. UV rays can also cause cataract problems.

   (c) Skin Cancer - The most dangerous problem caused by Non-Ionizing Radiation is. Skin cancer. The effects of non-ionizing radiation depend on many factors. For example:- How much energy is being used. What is a medium? And for how long is this energy being used on the body. Environmental impact etc.

What is the benefit of radiation in our life?

Friends, it is not that radiation has only side effects. It can also prove to be a boon for human beings in many forms today. There is a saying that Vishu bites Vishu. In the same way, if the side effects of radiation can cause cancer, you will be happy to know that science has progressed so much today that cancer is also being treated through radiation therapy. It is working like a boon for people who have cancer. Cells are generally present in the body in the world. Radiation therapy is being used a lot to destroy them. Everything can work as a boon if used in the right way.

Friends, we hope that you have liked this post of ours and you must have got all the information related to radiation in it. It has always been our endeavor that on whatever topic we write this post, we can give all the information in it so that you do not have to go anywhere else. If you have any questions or advice, then definitely tell us in the comment. If you liked this post of ours, then share it with your friends. Thank you!

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