Top 5 Best Android TV Apps. You May Like

Nowadays, we prefer smart TV or Android TV instead of an ordinary TV. Kona, what is your Android TV?

You have an Android TV, but you have a lot of Android TVs to install. No problem if you buy an Android TV. In  Today's blog, I will suggest you do some Android TV. 

You have to install something before Android TV. After your Android TV for a year, which will look just like YouTube and Netflix. In all other cases, your hospital work requires a mix of video, music, productivity and messaging applications on your Android DTV. Translate the description back to English (United States)

Although, in many cases, you can watch Android TV. You can see them. And an annual media Android, he can pick you up a lot from the outside. And a year you will see.

Remember, today's blog says you need to install Android TV apps on your Android TV now. You go your own way; however, let's take a look at these apps.

1. MX player

MX Player Apps

We will all know the MX player app. Because MX player has been used as the best Android video player for a long time. The feature of this app is that it can show a video very well on the big screen, and the size of the video can be made smaller or larger as desired. That is, it allows you to watch videos on the big screen on your TV or mobile phone and resize them to your liking.

MX player can run a large number of codecs and supports subtitle files. That is, this app can play a large number of video and audio files. Also, the interface of this app is very smooth and easy to use.

MX player can also read files from external drives. That is, if an external drive is inserted from the outside, this player can read it. In this case, for those who have a USB port on their Android TV device, this feature can be a great way. In this case, you can access it through an MX player by connecting to a TV from external storage with the help of a USB port.

2. Sideload Launcher

Sideload Launcher android apps

Some apps are not compatible with Android TV. It can be seen that many apps do not have a TV version of the Android app. Many people have to go to the settings menu to open the app to open it.

We have many types of apps installed on Android TV. However, not all apps come to the home screen of the TV. And in this case, we have to go to the All apps option from the settings, select that app, and open it. You may find it annoying to repeatedly go to settings to find the app you need from All apps.

The Sideload Launcher app may be the preferred application to solve this problem for you on Android TV. With that app, you can quickly get the app you need with a few clicks.

Under normal circumstances, if an app is not on the home screen of your Android TV, then you have to go to the All apps option from the settings menu and find the app you need. So, in this case, the solution is to install a third-party app, which will bring the app you need to the homepage of your Android TV. And in this case, it is easiest for you to use Sideload Launcher.

When you install this app on your Android TV, you will see a list of all your site loaded apps together when you go to the More Apps option from the homepage.

3. Netflix

Netflix Android apps

There is probably no one who has seen all the modern movies but has not heard of Netflix. Netflix is ​​currently the most popular OTT platform in the world. Netflix may have your device pre-installed. If you do not already have it installed on your device, you can install and use this app.

Netflix lets you access thousands of TV movies and shows. But to access thousands of movies and shows on Netflix, you must purchase a premium subscription. And if you take a premium subscription, you can use all their services.

4. Plex

Plex Android Apps

If you have an extensive collection of digital movies and TV shows, then Plex may be an excellent Android TV app for you. Because Plex, this app will let you put together Hollywood, Bollywood and countless TV shows in the form of playlists or folders. For that, you must install and sign-up for this app. Then you can save a movie from your device and here, or you can save a Hollywood or Bollywood movie from inside Plex in the form of a Playlist in your favorite list.

Plex is a beautiful library for automatically saving your favorite movies or TV shows, downloading subtitle files, downloading metadata, movie artwork, viewer ratings, and more. You can use Plex for free. However, this app also has a premium subscription. Through which you will get additional benefits.

5. AirScreen

AirScreen  android apps

Android TV devices support Google Cast. This means that you can cast or share the screen directly to your TV from your Android smartphone.

But Apple's AirPlay does not support it. In this case, if your device is an Apple device and your television is not an Apple product, then you can install the AirScreen app. With this app, you can share the screen of your Apple mobile with your Android TV device.

If you install the AirScreen app on your Android TV or iPad, it will allow you to mirror or share the screen of your Android phone, iPhone or iPad. At the same time, you can enjoy streaming from your Apple mobile or Android mobile to Android TV.

The AirScreen app works with Google cast, Miracast and Protocols.

That's for today. I hope. You guys enjoy this blog. If you like this post, please shear with your family and friends. Thanks ❤

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